My best shot of Jupiter yet!

A lot of things have to come together for a good image of the planets. The air needs to be as still as possible, the planet you’re imaging needs to be as directly overhead as possible, and the planet itself should be as close to the Earth as possible. And then, all your equipment has to work too!

Last night, all of those conditions were pretty close to optimal. Pretty close – not perfect. And that describes this shot of Jupiter. It’s pretty darn good, but there are better ones out there. Still, this one is mine, and I like it.

This was also my first time using the Mars-C camera from Player One. It made things a lot easier as well.

Shot with a Celestron C-11 and a 2.5X Barlow lens. Processed with AutoStakkert! 3, Registax, WinJupos, and Photoshop.

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